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The Cairo International Film Festival postpones opening to Wednesday because of mass protests Courtesy of the Cairo International Film Festival Facebook page

CIFF postpones opening night

With the festival coinciding with a growing unrest in the country and opening on the same day as proposed political rallies, CIFF issued several statements before making the decision to postpone the opening ceremony altogether.

Fady Salah

What’s the use of journalism in Egypt?

By Mohamed Abdelfattah Egyptians are once again confronted with, and unified in, the only thing that has sustained their togetherness: calamity. At least 50 children died as their bus recklessly traversed a malfunctioning level crossing, only to be hit by an oncoming train and dragged for close to 1,000 metres, according to witnesses. Seventeen more kids reportedly …

Fady Salah

An empty soapbox

I was all set to leap on my own soapbox. But as I was thinking of how I would heap my arrogant scorn on the heads of those I deem beneath contempt, my plans abruptly changed during my ride to work.

Adel Heine

Pride and Prejudice

Certain things are deemed unforgivable here and hot-headed, self proclaimed defenders of national or religious pride can rally others to their cause with surprising speed, considering the normal, more sedate pace of the society. Before you know it, prejudices kick in and angry chants ring out, blame, based on rumours and suppositions, is placed and a little flag burning goes a long way.

Adel Heine

Activists protest IMF loan

Protesters from several movements took to the streets in rejection of the IMF loan proposal, days after the IMF chief visited Cairo and met top officials.

Hend Kortam

Protests at Alexandria plant turn violent

“One person died yesterday.  Approximately 12 to 14 were injured” during protests at the Abu Qir Thermal Power Plant, a spokesman from the Ministry of Interior confirmed in a phone call.  The Saturday protests have settled down after “some officers and soldiers went to save the plant,” he said.  “Everything is now calm and quiet.” …

Connor Molloy