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Recorded events signal a rise in protests

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social rights reported protest movements rose dramatically during the second half of June. A contentious presidential election seemed to account for the rise. The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights recorded only 38 protests during the first half of the month, but 119 protests ended the month. Reasons …

Ahmed Aboulenein

A Tale Of Two Cairos

Recent reports have thinned the gap of votes between the two candidates to less than a million, with the Muslim Brotherhood putting their candidate in the lead and Ahmed Shafiq slinging accusations of wrongdoing against his opponent

Maryam Ishani

Tens of thousands of Egyptians gather in Cairo's Tahrir square. File photo from November 2011 (AFP)

Part-time revolution

Egyptians have managed to bring down a deeply-ingrained autocratic regime and set up what is proving to be a relatively close democratic presidential election, all in the hours people normally watch television before going to bed. Workers by day, fighters of injustice by night; the protesters are truly the collective Batman of the revolutionary world.

Ahmed Khalifa

Egyptian protesters take long walk to Tahrir

By Tamim Elyan / Reuters CAIRO: A group of Egyptians are marching 125 km (77 miles) along a major highway to Cairo to take part in a demonstration in Tahrir Square, stretching the boundaries of the country’s flourishing culture of political activism. Fifteen activists decided to walk from their hometown of Suez across the desert …


Protesters torch military building in Salloum after 2 residents killed

By Agencies CAIRO: Salloum residents set fire to a military intelligence building, blocked a major road and set fire to car tires on Wednesday after two people were killed in clashes between residents and army officers a day earlier, witnesses said. Protesters in the northwestern city of Salloum, located near the Egyptian-Libyan border, had taken …


Protesters march to parliament to denounce Constituent Assembly

By Heba Hesham CAIRO: Hundreds marched Wednesday from Tahrir Square to the nearby parliament building to protest against the make up of the Constituent Assembly as it held its first meeting. Activists, political parties and revolutionary movements protested to declare their rejection of the formation of the panel tasked with writing Egypt’s new constitution, saying it …


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