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Managing editor Rana Allam

The illusion of change

A new era has begun in Egypt: an era of stability and security, of safety and justice, of rights and freedoms, of women’s rights, children’s rights and rights for the disabled. An era of democracy has suddenly befallen on us on the eve of the landslide success of a Yes vote to a new progressive …

Rana Allam

Brotherhood vows protests despite ‘terror’ listing

AFP – A leader of the Muslim Brotherhood vowed that the movement would keep up protests after Egypt’s military-installed government designated it a “terrorist” group on Wednesday. “The protests will continue, certainly,” Ibrahim Munir, a member of the group’s executive council who is in exile in London, told AFP, adding the move was “illegitimate”. “This is …

Daily News Egypt

Managing editor Rana Allam

Keeping Egyptians in check

A 16 year old boy, the son of an acquaintance, went to attend the Ghana-Egypt match dressed in an Al-Ahly t-shirt and holding a fireworks stick. The boy watched the match, left and was taking a cab when the police arrested him, charging him with participating in Mohamed Mahmoud clashes. Why is this alright? Because …

Rana Allam

The Muslim Brotherhood’s new initiative: Many motives, one dead end

Over the course of a few days, the Muslim Brotherhood has released two very different statements. One is defiant and was issued by their imprisoned leader, ex-president Morsi, who warns that, “Egypt will not recover from its crisis until the coup that removed him from power has been reversed.” Later on Saturday, his supporters, the national …

Nervana Mahmoud


In Pictures: Morsi supporters clash with CSF, opposing protestors in front of High Court

Supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi clashed with central security forces and opposing demonstrators outside downtown’s High Court on Monday afternoon following Morsi’s first appearance in court for inciting the killing of protestors in December 2012. Police fired tear gas at Morsi supporters both east and west of the High Court on Ramses Street, while …

Aaron T. Rose