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Civil Service Law responds to public demands to end bureaucracy: Mehleb

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb has met representatives of protesting employees of the Customs and Tax Authorities to discuss their demands regarding the newly issued Civil Service Law. At least 2,000 state employees from the Customs and Tax Authorities held a demonstration against the law on 10 August in front of the Press Syndicate in Downtown …

Doaa Farid

Investment ministry forms advisory committee for public sector management

The Ministry of Investment has formed a new, as yet to be named, committee  managing public business sector assets, to develop the sector and maximise asset returns. The committee includes eight heads of holding companies, heads of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and General Authority for Investment (GAFI), and representatives from the private sector, …

Mohamed Ayyad

Folly to be wise

By Philip Whitfield Undressing the tree, the Christmas cards tease. Bundle and bung? Or pause wistfully. The ones from Palestine are most inclining. Not from bullyboys or assassins. They hail from everyday folk. One draws most attention. The writer points out that when O little town of Bethlehem is sung seldom think of today’s city …

Fady Salah

Egypt Discusses a New Loan with the World Bank

By Mohamed Salah The Egyptian government has started negotiating loan with the World Bank to finance the privatisation and restructuring of the public sector. The former International Monetary Fund’s assistant managing director, Dr. Fakhry El-Fekky, said the government may have to continue the privatisation process started by the previous governments. He said there are indicators …

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