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Putin’s new limousine coming out of the blue?

The Russian president has traveled to his inauguration in a homemade limousine. It meant he’d ditched his Mercedes to send a patriotic message amid increased tension with the West. What’s known about the new car?Delivering patriotic message of self-sufficiency, Vladimir Putin on Monday took his inaugural ride in a Russian-made stretch limousine. It marked the …

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Putin, Erdogan launch Turkey’s first nuclear power plant

The start of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant is another sign of cozy relations between Turkey and Russia. Turkish, Russia and Iranian leaders are to hold a summit on Syria.Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday took part in a symbolic ceremony marking the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power …

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Putin calls sanctions a ‘covert form’ of protectionism

Ahead of the G20 summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin has restated his anger over sanctions levied against Moscow. In a guest article for a German newspaper, he warned that trade barriers are becoming the norm.In an editorial published on Thursday in the German business daily Handelsblatt, Putin criticized “politically motivated” sanctions, describing them as a …

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Putin, Modi talk business at St. Petersburg forum

The leaders of Russia and India are scheduled to meet at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg to debate closer business ties. The focus on India is part of Moscow’s diversification effort.Russian President Vladimir Putin hosts Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday at the SPIEF annual economic forum in St. Petersburg as Moscow …

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Putin a better leader than Obama: Trump

US presidential candidate Donald Trump told a TV forum that the Russian leader is “far more” of a leader than Obama; he also said the US military had been “reduced to rubble” under the current leadership

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Ankara-Moscow pivot: a new era begins

Presidents Erdogan and Putin will be drafting a new joint road map in St. Petersburg. In return for Erdogan’s call for more trade, Putin may ask Ankara to jump start ties with Syria, Aram Duran reports from Istanbul.

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Putin’s ‘completely fulfilled’ task in Syria

Since Russia was declared to officially be present in the Middle East, and following the extended presence of its military in Syria, speculations splashed media platforms around the globe. Observers saw Russia’s decision to enter Syria as a long-term strategy, so the abrupt announcement of Russian president Vladimir Putin to withdraw most of his forces …

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