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Egypt Post signs cooperation agreements with its Qatari counterpart in Doha

The signing ceremony was also attended by Mostafa El Bahabety, Assistant to the Egyptian Minister of Justice and Head of the Legal Committee, on the part of Egypt. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Saud Al Thani, Director of the Legal Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar and head of the Legal Committee of Qatar, represented the Qatari side as well.

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Qatari soft power efforts: two steps forward, one step backwards

Efforts to leverage Qatar’s 2022 World Cup hosting rights to create the soft power the Gulf state needs to punch above its weight and ensure a sympathetic hearing in the international community in times of emergency operate on the Leninist principle of two steps forward, one step backwards. Take events this month as an example. …

James Dorsey

Trade unions test Qatari sincerity with demands for labour reform

International trade unions have stepped up pressure on Qatar with a series of demands, a majority of which the Gulf state could implement, without having to reform its autocracy or threaten the privileged position of its citizens, who account for a mere 12% of the population. They fear the change could cost them control of …

James Dorsey

Sponsorship of FIFA: a new front in Gulf political rivalry

By James M. Dorsey Lurking in the background of world football body FIFA’s talks with Qatar Airways to replace its Dubai rival Emirates as a sponsor is the escalating hostility between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as a result of their divergent attitudes towards political Islam. Officially, Emirates’ decision to end its $200m relationship …

Daily News Egypt

AFC power struggle reflects sorry state of football governance

By James M. Dorsey   FIFA Vice President and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) executive committee member Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, in an uncommon display of elegance and magnanimity in the rarefied world of world soccer as well as of Middle Eastern and North African leaders, has conceded defeat in a battle that is symptomatic of …

Daily News Egypt

Harsh Qatari labour conditions move centre stage as FIFA debates World Cup

By James M. Dorsey Controversy over conditions for unskilled and semi-skilled workers in Qatar involved in the construction of World Cup-related infrastructure as well as for flight attendants of Qatar Airways, the 2022 tournament’s likely official carrier, has moved centre stage as world soccer body FIFA prepares to debate next week the Gulf state’s hosting …

Daily News Egypt

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