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Op-ed review: Mohamed Salah, robot Sophia, changing the Quran

Football star Mohamed Salah was the subject of several op-eds on Wednesday. Editor-in-chief of the privately-owned Al-Shorouk newspaper Emad El-Din Hussein criticised the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) which attempted to take advantage of Salah without considering sponsorship rights, in addition to bad management of the crisis when their attempt was officially contested. Hussein argued that …

Amira El-Fekki

The Muslim Brotherhood: the one-size-fits-all approach

The Muslim Brotherhood is a fundamentalist group, and subsequently they believe they possess the absolute truth. They are ultra-conservative. They were founded on fundamentalist approaches. They base everything on religion. They consider the Qur’an, Haddith, and Sunna to be the ultimate sources of all types of knowledge. Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna highlighted the importance of …

Sherif Rizq

The missing keyword in the fundamentalist mindset

“Situations vary dramatically from country to country. It would be foolish to take a one-size-fits-all approach and barrel forward regardless of circumstances on the ground,” said Hillary Clinton in her Keynote Address at the National Democratic Institute’s 2011 Democracy Awards Dinner. This quote reveals a lot about a cornerstone concept that fundamentalists, radicals, and extremists …

Sherif Rizq

Why do Islamists hate Valentine’s Day?

By Nervana Mahmoud “Valentine’s Day represents for the Christians, a celebration of adultery and prostitution, and those who go out on this day are prostitutes.” That is how Abu Islam, a radical Egyptian preacher has described Valentine’s Day. He took the hatred that many radicals share for this day to brand it with a new label …

Daily News Egypt

The good Muslim

Religion has become the newest weapon of choice turning religious practice from a private habit into to a show of power.

Sara Abou Bakr

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