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Australia ties record of 26 years without recession

Australia’s economy recorded just enough growth last quarter to match the Netherlands’ record of 103 quarters without recession. But analysts warn of a slowdown as households struggle with low wages and high debt.Government data out on Wednesday showed gross domestic product (GDP) rose a modest 0.3 percent in the first quarter, a pullback from the …

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Greek economy slides back into recession

A first-quarter estimate by statisticians has suggested the Greek economy has slipped backed into recession. The cash-strapped southern eurozone nation is facing fresh spending cuts – and more protests by workers.Greece’s national statistics office, Elstat, announced Monday its preliminary figures saw the euro area nation slither into recession again in the January to March period, …

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Islamic banking sound option for enterprises facing economic slump

There are mounting concerns currently being voiced by prominent organisations, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank of International Settlements, over the long-term impact of the slow growth rate reported across all major economic regions from the latter part of 2015 to early this year. Significant losses in the global financial and …

Nidal Abou Zaki

Canada officially falls into recession

Government data has confirmed that Canada officially fell into recession in the first half of this year. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing his best to avoid using the term ahead of a general election next month

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Weakening outlook for global economy amid fears over China: Merrill Lynch Survey

Merill Lynch, the Bank of America’s (BofA) wealth management division, released on Tuesday the results of its Fund Manager Survey for August. It showed a weakening outlook for the global economy amid fears over China, recording low sentiment towards emerging markets and the energy sector. While the concern over a Chinese recession continues, global investors …

Rana Yehia

The curious case of Egypt’s economy

According to economists, any country that experiences a revolution should have an economic recession within six months. For anyone who has followed our news, this was not the case in Egypt, and curiously, still isn’t. One of the strangest economic facts that very few people cite about this country is that it hasn’t suffered a …

Mahmoud Salem

‘Fiscal cliff’ plan will send US into recession: CBO

Washington (AFP) — The US Congress’s budget analysts said Wednesday that current plans designed to slash the budget deficit after January 1 will plunge the country into recession and push up joblessness. The Congressional Budget Office said the poison-pill political deal on the budget last year — sharp cuts to spending and tax increases that …

Daily News Egypt

Once-resilient Germany catches Europe’s crisis fever

Frankfurt (AFP)  — Germany long appeared immune to Europe’s debt crisis, as deep reforms undertaken years ago helped steel the economic powerhouse against the current financial storms lashing its neighbours. But a raft of new economic data suggest that Germany, too, is slowly succumbing to the crisis fevers and could even fall back into recession …

Daily News Egypt

France heads back into recession

Paris (AFP) — France is headed back into recession for the second time in three years, its central bank warned Wednesday in a setback for the recovery prospects of the stricken eurozone. In a downbeat survey of the outlook for Europe’s second biggest economy, the Bank of France predicted a 0.1 percent contraction in gross …

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