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Reconciliation efforts resumed

An Egyptian delegation arrived on Sunday 25 February to Gaza, in an effort to bring closer together Fatah and Hamas. Through an Egyptian mediation effort, the two Palestinian factions had signed an agreement on 12 October 2017 in Cairo, committing themselves to carrying out, in letter and spirit, a previous reconciliation accord reached back in …

Hussein Haridi

Reconciliation with Rashid—a step towards justice

I know that my point of view about reconciliation with former minister of industry Rashid Mohamed Rashid will be met with objection by many, but I invite you to look at the issue with more neutrality. Last week, the committee concerned with recovering misappropriated funds has made a decision to reconcile with Rashid after he …

Hany Aboul Fotouh

Reconciliation with businessmen is a bitter yet vital medicine

For the first few months following the revolution, I welcomed the calls for reconciliation with figures of the former era in a way that ensures a continuous flow of funds for projects and investments, and a preservation of the state’s right to the funds obtained in twisted ways. All of this would create a climate …

Hany Aboul Fotouh

Reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood: which brothers?

How can we reconcile with those who cannot come to terms with themselves? This is a question for those who call for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, when they themselves cannot accommodate their mistakes and unite their visions on how to come to terms with themselves before seeking reconciliation with the Egyptians who rejected them. …

The industrialisation of reconciliation: Iran, Saudi Arabia and IS

I came across a curious news item the other day on Reuters about an industrial development project in Saudi Arabia, and it rang a few bells. The plan is to build a “new industrial city in the south of the al-Ahsa district in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province”, a project helmed by the state-owned oil company …

Daily News Egypt

I was a terrorist in the making

Short are the moments when you can review the details of your life. In these short moments, you see many details. It was during one such moment that I realised that I went through many changes that few people have been through. I grew up in a labour environment, in the iron and steel city …

Emad El-Sayed