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Egypt: A term of spending despite austerity

Life in Egypt did not, before 25 January, and still does not, after 30 June, live up to the aspirations of many of its inhabitants. Social welfare has been sacrificed on the altar of economic “reform”, as if that was the only hurdle impeding the government’s effectiveness to provide a decent life for all. For …

Islam M. Elwany

Egypt’s economy: outlook and challenges in the eyes of international financial institutions 

After several years marked by turbulence and uncertainty, Egypt’s economy encountered numerous challenges, from political unrest and declining tourism, to foreign currency and fuel shortages, which led the government to adopt an economic reform programme to improve Egypt’s public finances. Between September and November 2016, authorities introduced the value-added tax law (VAT), a free-floating currency, …

Mohamed Samir

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb

Mahlab calls on French companies to invest in Egypt

  Ibrahim Mahlab, the president’s assistant for national projects and former acting prime minister, called on French investors to invest in Egypt on Monday. Mahlab held a speech during a conference organised by the French-language newspaper Al-Ahram Hebdo, in which he said the government has taken a number of steps aimed at reforming Egypt’s business …

Mostafa Fahmy

Sieren’s China: Reform of the People’s Liberation Army

By reforming the army, Chinese President Xi Jinping is not only enhancing China’s international role but boosting his own position at home, says DW’s Frank Sieren. China’s head of state and party chief is not slacking, even as the year draws to a close – there’s work to be done on restructuring the country, as …

Deutsche Welle

The 2014 Egyptian Constitution:Without accountability, checks or balances

The following is the first of a two part article by the Arab Reform Initiative, an independent research network, concerning the 2014 constitution’s treatment of human rights and the separation of powers in the government. The first part, below, addresses the constitution’s articles concerning the military and security apparatus. The second part, dealing with the …

Daily News Egypt

The difference between Reform and reform

“To better serve farmers.” The goals are a more productive agricultural sector and improved food security for Egypt’s population. Key is improving the services of the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit (PBDAC), said Minister of Agriculture Ayman Abu Hadid, speaking on the sidelines of the 10th Ministerial Meeting of the International Centre for …

Iris Boutros

Egypt lifts cooking gas prices, why it’s trivial

By Farah Halime How fitting that on April Fool’s Day, the Egyptian government attempts to deceive us all by claiming that its plans to raise the price of state-subsidised cooking gas for the first time in two decades will actually make any difference to the country’s energy subsidy spending. In fact, it won’t, and it is unlikely …

Daily News Egypt