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Trump to scale back Dodd-Frank financial reforms

In a bid to make good on his campaign promise to cut regulation, President Donald Trump has signed executive decrees to roll back key reforms enacted in the wake of the 2007-09 financial crisis.Trump on Friday initiated action to fulfill one of his core electoral pledges: slashing government regulation. As part of this, the new …

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Low oil prices force rethink on reforms in Gulf states

The rapid decrease in oil prices has caused widespread fear in the Gulf states. Far-reaching economic reforms are inevitable. The question is, can reforms work in an absolute monarchy? In the Gulf states, numerous savings measures are currently under way. In the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, subsidies were reduced, and fuel prices were raised. …

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IMF’s Lagarde: Greek debt restructuring ‘inevitable’

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has insisted that any new bailout program for Greece requires significant restructuring of the cash-strapped eurozone nation’s massive debt load. In an online press conference on Wednesday, Lagarde reiterated her view that any new plan for Greece had to include significant restructuring of the country’s debts …

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Can Greece invest its way out of the crisis?

Greece could surely use some economic growth – badly. But how? An evaluation of more than a hundred studies has revealed that public investment, even on credit, may just hold the key to long-term success. First of all, no one doubts that Greece is in need of fundamental reforms. It requires better administration, less corruption and more competition. It is…

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Egypt bourse rebounds

Reuters – Egypt’s index, which had lost 8% of its value in the previous three sessions, rebounded on Tuesday to close 1.5% higher. The dip was a result of profit-taking by investors who had built up positions in anticipation of former army chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s run for president. Sisi, who investors hope will stabilise …

Daily News Egypt

The new world of export controls

By Dr. Paul Freedenberg and Dr. Michael R. Czinkota In the summer of 2009, President Obama announced a plan for a complete US export control reform (ECR).  Then Secretary of Defence Gates argued that the system was “overly complicated, contains too many redundancies, and in trying to protect too much, diminishes our ability to focus” …

Daily News Egypt

Oil-rich Kuwait warns welfare state unsustainable

The programme up to the 2016/2017 fiscal year aims to review subsidies, charges and prices of public services, besides imposing a taxation system in a country that generates 94% of its income from selling oil and where individuals and corporates pay no taxes.

Daily News Egypt

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