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What’s after 30 June?

Analysing the current political scene is quite difficult, because things are happening very fast, and predictions that are to be published in two-days time might turn out to be far from reality. Despite the difficulty, I am bound to present an analytic reading of the situation, hoping that this reading would succeed in presenting an …

Farid Zahran

Op-Ed review: Morsi’s speech and the meaning of rebellion

One columnist reviews Morsi speech, while the other explains why a rebellion is different from a revolution. Suleiman Shafiq It is time for the Muslim Brotherhood to leave Al-Watan Newspaper Columnist Suleiman Shafiq begins his article with an experience he had on the night of President Mohamed Morsi’s latest speech. “Morsi ended his speech. I …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

30 June and reinventing the revolution wheel

As 30 June approaches, debates and speculations are already running high. Some are experiencing an adrenaline rush, as they brace for the second wave of the revolution. However, some are playing down the expected outcome while others are skeptical and waiting to see how the events will turn before weighing in with their opinion. One …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

A diverse scope of refugees

By Ahmed Awadalla Looking at the situation in Syria, where millions were forced to leave their homes and seek shelter in neighboring countries, refugees have fled their country due to well-founded fear. Syria’s political, religious, ethnic, or gender-based persecutions are collective reasons for citizens to pack their luggage and depart. After heading to another country, …

Daily News Egypt

Has the army truly withdrawn from Egyptian politics?

I recently claimed in a previous article, to all those who were interested in the progress of political dialogue within Egypt, that the country’s military would “not seek to return and inject itself back into politics, and will not seek to once again directly administer the affairs of our country”. I was pleased to see …

Farid Zahran

The Civilian Products of Military Factories

Last Thursday the news websites greeted us with a picture of the US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, celebrating the decision of the US department of agriculture to allow the importation of Egyptian strawberries to the American market by opening a box of strawberries and eating one. On that same day, we were also greeted …

Mahmoud Salem

The end of the Muslim Brotherhood

I have no problem admitting how much the Muslim Brotherhood annoys me. There is absolutely nothing that I admire about this group. I hate their fascist intentions, I disrespect their manipulative politics, their constant lying appalls me and I am offended by how much they distort a peaceful religion like Islam. The mere presence of …

Ziad A. Akl

On blasting Morsi into space

Egyptians have done it again. After ousting a dictator two years ago, now they are sending their first elected civilian president into space. President Mohamed Morsi is now sitting in first place in Axe’s competition to send one civilian to space, an adventurous soul seeking a new frontier. Voting is required and whoever gets the …

Sara Abou Bakr

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: On the interior and stability nonsense

A few months before the revolution’s spark ignited, I had two Palestinian friends working in the media visiting me in Cairo. The last time I had seen them before this was during an Arab summit in 2007 (we were working together back then). So, the three of us met at a fancy Mohandiseen flat they …

Maher Hamoud

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Smells like Nazif

Going through Hesham Qandil’s plan for development until 2022 makes you feel that Ahmed Nazif, Mubarak’s prime minister currently imprisoned for corruption charges, was a genius after all. Qandil’s plan is basically jsut an Ikhwanised imitation of the Mubarak-Nazif one. It uses the same language and suggests the same backward thinking. Qandil’s vision of development …

Maher Hamoud

O’ Army, save us?

This is where we are probably heading and it frightens the hell out of me.  The self-proclaimed Islamists refuse to see it. The situation in Egypt has taken a downturn in the last three months in ways that are hard to describe; prices of almost all basic food items have skyrocketed, and talks about a …

Sara Abou Bakr

49 die as Syrian jets blast rebel-held town

Syria (AFP) — Syrian fighter jets blasted the rebel-held town of Maaret al-Numan on Thursday, killing at least 49 people including 23 children, rescuers said. UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi pressed for a truce during a key Muslim holiday later this month, while the UN’s human rights chief appealed to the Security Council for unity …

Daily News Egypt

The Future of Egyptian American Relations ?

Egypt still remains the cornerstone of American foreign policy in the Middle East. The relationship now seems to be going through somewhat turbulent and tense times, however the overall relations have not seriously departed from the previous norms of the Mubarak era. Though this is the case now, the future is still unclear. Currently the …

Mustafa Salama