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Sudan mother facing apostasy death sentence to be freed soon: Official

AFP – A Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to hang for apostasy will be “freed within days”, a foreign ministry official told AFP Saturday, after her case triggered an international outcry. Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag was condemned to death on 15 May under the Islamic Sharia law that has been in place since 1983 and outlaws …

Daily News Egypt

Managing editor Rana Allam

A constitution not worth its ink

Since the new constitution passed, I have been flooded with emails and meetings from foreign journalists, lawyers, rights advocates and what have you, asking the same question: Isn’t the newly passed constitution better in preserving human rights and freedoms, compared to the previous one(s)? And shouldn’t this be enough for Egyptians? I have faced the …

Rana Allam

Death of a nation’s conscience- A revolution isolated

By Wael Eskandar Setting aside miracles, something about the story of Jesus seemed incomprehensible to me when I was younger. I found myself wondering how people were so willing to cheer on Jesus’ crucifixion although he had done nothing but preach values of goodness. After three years of preaching, he was smeared and condemned to …

Daily News Egypt

Beyond Definitions

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny Friday, I was having breakfast with a young and brilliant economist, who is a friend of mine. I asked for her opinion on how Egypt is doing economically, and if there was a term that actually defined our economic state. She laughed hysterically, then told me …

Mahmoud Salem

“Down with the next president”

During the two weeks spent in Tahrir Square in 2011 that culminated in ousting former president Hosni Mubarak, there was a young man who held a placard that read, “down with the next president”. It did not make sense to many who deemed it a witty play on words in Arabic, while others viewed it …

Sara Abou Bakr

Mosques and politics in Egypt

By Nervana Mahmoud Nothing reflects the essence of Islam better than the pilgrimage to Mecca. It sums up the faith in a nutshell: humility, reflection and most importantly, equality. In the haj, women stand side by side with men; the rich stand alongside the poor; brown people alongside white. All are equal in the journey …

Daily News Egypt

Religious leaders and Syrian refugees meet in Lebanon

By Isabella Eisenberg Here, in the northern Lebanese district of Akkar, Catholic-Maronite, Sunni, Greek-Orthodox and Alawite villages are scattered all over the landscape. The Syrian border is a 15 minute drive to the north of the northern Lebanese town of Halba, and residents can hear shelling in Syria at night and episodes of sectarian strife …

Daily News Egypt

Bartered bride

Philip Whitfield Brave reporting by Hamza Hendawi. His Associated Press copy from Dalga makes your blood boil. Morsi supporters are ethnically cleansing Christians in a town a hop skip and a jump from Tahrir Square. The police stand idly by while 20,000 Christian homes and businesses are torched. An Orthodox priest’s house is burned down. …

Daily News Egypt