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Latest in Tag: renewable energy

Record-breaking year for renewable energy

A new renewable energy report shows that around the world, $286 billion was invested in renewables in 2015 – the most ever. But the head of the network behind the report says that’s not enough to protect the climate.

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Apple to invest in clean energy in China

Apple has said it wants to build more solar projects in China to reduce the carbon footprint of its suppliers, many of whom have been criticized for polluting the environment as demand for iPhones and iPads surges. Apple is taking steps to green its supply chain in China, saying it would work with its suppliers …

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Renewables shift wallops traditional power plants

Germany’s shift to renewable energy sources will have a greater impact on operators of traditional power plants than originally thought, according to new data from the country’s grid supervisor. Fifty-seven traditional gas and coal power plants are set to close in Germany as a consequence of Energiewende, or energy transition, which has diminished the profitability …

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