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Performance of economic ministries too weak for experts, as parliament calls for cabinet reshuffle

Rumours have circulated in different media outlets regarding a potential cabinet reshuffling, supported by members of parliament. The parliamentary calls for areshuffle did not mention the main ministers they sought to replace or the ministries that should be subject to the reshuffle. However, the high inflation and the current economic conditions are cited as important …

Hisham Salah

Kuwait PM reshuffles cabinet

The new cabinet line-up includes a new oil minister, Ali al-Omair, a lawmaker who is a senior member of the Islamist Salaf Alliance. He replaced Mustafa al-Shamali, who served in the post for just five months after serving several years as finance minister.

Daily News Egypt

Managing editor Rana Allam

Cabinet reshuffle: Bad News

It was quite surprising to sense optimism in some people’s voices when they received news on the cabinet reshuffle, disrespectfully announced in a tweet by Morsi. All the signs indicate an even worse government taking over. First of all the prime minister remains, which means that inadequacy will continue to be the main characteristic of the new cabinet. For …

Rana Allam

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