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Review: Commentaries still overwhelmed with Shari’a Friday

Following reports of clashes between Islamist and liberal protesters in Tahrir Square last Friday, columnists continue to write about the persistent request to apply Islamic jurisprudence in Egypt. In a similar framework, more than one writer has explored the constitutional article that relates to Al-Azhar, asserting that views of prominent Sheikhs will be taken into …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Shari’a Friday and draft constitution consume columns

The debate over Shari’a Friday protests has led many writers to deplore the extent of Islamic jurisprudence’s presence in the draft constitution. More than one writer has pointed fingers at the Muslim Brotherhood, accusing them of delaying the constitution writing as they are still unprepared for parliamentary elections. Other columnists have dedicated their pieces to …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Trouble in Sinai, the prosecutor general and the Constituent Assembly

 The main topics overwhelming opinion pages are the recent incidents in the Sinai and the seemingly never-ending discussion on the draft constitution. In some commentaries, some writers question the political independence of the prosecutor general, noting that whoever opposes or supports him simply makes a mess of his judicial position that theoretically stands free of …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Op-ed pages fueled with FJP’s latest elections

Egyptian opinion writers were almost overwhelmed with the latest elections of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party to pick their new president. After Saad El-Katatny was pronounced the party’s new leader, columnists have saluted El-Erian for his courteous reaction after his defeat, where as many have listed a number of pieces of advice to the party’s new management.

Daily News Egypt

ArtBeat Festival: A cultural meeting point

The band was astonished by the Mansoura audience, who sang along with the German lyrics, without understanding what they were saying. “The audience was the best public I have ever played for,” said Max Gaier, vocalist.

Adham Roshdy

Prokofiev for kids at the Opera house

Nevertheless, seeing a talented live orchestra is always something to behold, even if your ear is not attuned to the subtleties of classical chamber music and seeing the symphony orchestra play in tune with the story being told was a real treat.

Daily News Egypt

Review: Learning politics and dreading the future

Columnists tackled various issues indicative of the nascent and provisional state of Egyptian democracy, as well as the tentative and at times apprehensive attitude the country holds towards the future. They relay fears of both internal and external transformations, and discuss the Egyptian political arena and its struggles to learn the rights and wrongs of …

Daily News Egypt

The charm of circus brought to Al-Azhar park

“The crowd here is very friendly and very nice. They are a great audience, they cheer you on and interact with you. We get a lot more encouragement from the people here than we do back home in Belgium,” said Wout, one of the performers.

Daily News Egypt

Black Lips and Lazzy Lung rock out in Cairo

Their set was very well received by the crowd at Cairo Jazz, who may have gotten a little bit too rowdy towards the end, staying true to punk standards. The band sounded great but some of the subtleties of their music got lost in the venue’s acoustics and sometimes instrument separation was a lost cause.

Daily News Egypt

Bite Me Cairo: Trio (Part I) – The Chef

If you’ve seen the film Food, Inc. (2008)—and if you haven’t, you should—you’ll know that industrial farming is ruining the food chain. The health and welfare of the planet, unchecked by government regulations, is being held hostage to corporate greed. It’s up to us to stop it. Not through petitions or demonstrations, rather, we should …

David Blanks

Shakhabeet exhibition is charm on display

The exhibition itself offers a nostalgic insight into the minds of children with some being endearingly childish and simple and others surprisingly sophisticated. One of the drawings portrayed a grotesque male face that was almost disturbing, but excellent nonetheless, by a 12 year-old budding artist.

Daily News Egypt

Review: columnists observe Morsy’s attitude, IMF loan, and Coptic community

Egyptian opinion writers have explored a variety of topics that relate to President Morsy’s surprising moves, starting from his first trip to Saudi, to his latest in Iran. Many columnists continue to dissect Egypt’s internal platform with regards to the growing fears of the Coptic community in the country. Others criticise the acceptance of the …

Daily News Egypt

Sudanese music: an intimate experience at Makan

What really brought the music to life was the voice of Asya Madany, the lead vocalist of the group, whose beautiful rich voice filled up the entire room with warmth and energy. The acoustics of the room were irrelevant against her dazzling voice.

Daily News Egypt

Fareeq Al-Atrash delivers a fresh sound in Cairo

We are very locally minded and coming to Egypt was a big dream for us. The Arab world and culture are our primary focus and a big part of that is obviously the language. Fortunately, Arabic is a poetic language and people here are used to oration.

Daily News Egypt

Basata performed at Sun City Mall

There is something genuine about Basata, which is obvious during their concerts whether you are a fan of their music or not. Not many bands formulate a mission statement that leaves nothing to the imagination. Basata makes it very clear that they are undertaking an artistic enterprise for a specific reason, though never with a formalistic attitude, and their music is still heartfelt and spontaneous.

Daily News Egypt