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Taxi review: Egypt’s once indie becomes new pop?

The lyrics of Taxi are known to challenge the status quo in the country and have attempted to describe the different societal conditions of Egypt with this performance being no exception. The lyrics can be a big hit or miss, with some songs inventive and creative while others become formulaic and verge on the point of being clichéd.

Daily News Egypt

Mojo’s: The Oasis of Normalcy

Sometimes you want to feel like you are in regular old Cairo again. When the mid-Ramadan queasiness hits, wait until the Iftar din has subsided and head over to Mojo’s Lounge on the Imperial Boat in Zamalek.

Ahmed Khalifa

Controversial Ramadan series wows audiences

The show takes the bold step of having actors depicting Omar and other sahabah (friends and companions of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad), which several clerics deem forbidden. As a result, it is banned in many Arab countries, including all Egyptian television channels.

Ahmed Aboulenein

Bite Me Cairo: ‘Tis the season

The original Abdel Wahab in Achrafieh (Beirut) serves some of the best Lebanese food I’ve ever had, but when a one-of-a-kind place goes chain—it now has a second branch in Beirut (Monod), one in Riyadh, one in Jeddah, and now one here in Cairo—it usually loses something in translation.

David Blanks

Comedians fumble, but entertain

There is hope for this group though, especially because they see themselves existing in a vacuum of the mostly comedy-less Cairo entertainment scene. It just takes more and more performances like the one on Monday before they become the real deal.

Connor Molloy

A real Chinese restaurant in Cairo

The restaurant is near Al-Azhar because the Uyghurs are the second largest population of Chinese Muslims. For years young religious Uyghur students have come to study at the Islamic university.

Connor Molloy

food critic chinese mr wok

Bite Me Cairo: We are one

So there is much Egypt can be proud of indeed. For that matter, if you’ve got bread, pigeons, molokheya and beer, what else do you really need?

David Blanks

CairoKee’s latest album

CairoKee has carved out a niche for their music in the saturated Egyptian music scene with their distinct and original style. However, many of the tracks on this album seem to follow this sound too closely.

Rana Muhammad Taha

8-1 Gabriel-GUILLEN-and-son

Emotional strings in Cairo Opera House

The playing had not only turned upbeat but almost comical, with Guillen himself smiling widely and tapping his feet to the rhythm. His fingers flew deftly up and down the neck of the guitar, every so often lingering a moment to deliver a particularly powerful note.

Ahmed Khalifa

Glam rock lives…for a week or so

They’ve taken a successful musical, removed all semblance of plot, introduced hunky actors instead of veteran musicians, and still, somehow, impossibly, it’s better than watchable. It’s actually good

Ahmed Khalifa

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