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The chant for freedom

By Sara Khorshid By now it has become cliché for observers in Egypt and worldwide to say that the Egyptian revolution is dead. Everyone knows it is. Everyone knows that three years after the 25 January uprising, the military and the police have consolidated their decades-long power, corruption continues to dominate the state and all …

Daily News Egypt


As demonstrated on Thursday, when some protesters held a rally downtown demonstrating against the Protest Law and demanding the release of prominent activists, we are looking at a country which is becoming starkly different from what it was in 2011. Of course, while I am not here to bury the 25 January Revolution nor to …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Inside the Box

Since 25 Jan and former president Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, Egypt has been in a perpetual stage of transition. All dreams of a better future and rosier outlook have evaporated in the midst of unrest that has kept investors and tourists at bay, stifling economic growth. The economy has been battered ever since, with foreign debts …

Dr Mohamed Fouad



Amro Okacha “ aka L’okacha” was born and raised in Cairo. He was raised in the realm of Nubian morals and traditions. He discovered drawing at 17. He is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Cinema, animation department. He worked in an animation studio for a short while. Currently, his focus is on illustration. …

Daily News Egypt

On revolutionary depression

What an anniversary! I am not sure how many are familiar with the term “revolutionary depression”, but it’s a condition that was so common this last week in Egypt. If you did not run into one of those who were complaining about their revolutionary depression, then it is your own fault for keeping such a …

Ziad A. Akl

Op-ed review: The economy of the revolution

Amr Khafaga Shorouk Newspaper Columnist Amr Khafaga begins his column stating that it is not strange that the current economic situation of the country is devastated. “Any true revolution is necessarily followed by economic disruptions,” Khafaga writes.  He attributes the devastation to the fall of the ruling regime: “It affected the stability which was an …

Daily News Egypt

Thou shalt celebrate

What happened on Saturday, marking the third anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, was simply surreal. Hundreds of thousands, as expected, were in Tahrir Square, celebrating. Posters of Defence Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi were all over the square, with people on live TV “pleading” for him to run for presidency. Any political analyst worth his …

Sara Abou Bakr