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Latest in Tag: revolutionary youth

Revolutionary youth coalition disbands

In the wake of President Mohamed Morsy’s official inauguration, The Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution on Saturday announced its dissolution, citing the president’s election as a turning point in the country’s history. Ziad El-Elaimy, a member of the executive office of the coalition, and a former member of parliament, said the organization had …

Rana Muhammad Taha

Revolutionary youth to simulate parliament

By Heba Hesham CAIRO: Fifty-seven groups announced Wednesday the launch of the “Revolutionary Youth Parliament” in a bid to enhance communication between the youth and the state by presenting united demands to the People’s Assembly and the government. By setting up this parliament and sending its recommendations on national issues to the PA, participants aim …


Activists form Egyptian council to unite revolutionary front

By Heba Hesham CAIRO: A group of revolutionary powers and political parties formed Monday the Egyptian Revolutionary Council, billed as a final attempt to unite and work towards achieving unmet demands. “We sensed the danger of dispersion among revolutionary powers so we held various meetings to establish a unified entity that will be the one hand …


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