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Saudi women’s right to drive comes amid women status reforms

A royal decree issued on Tuesday promising to give women their right to drive came amid a series of gradual steps undertaken by Saudi Arabia in the recent phase, as the historic decision comes a couple of days after opening sports stadium to women for the first time, taking part in the kingdom’s national day …

Daily News Egypt

Women’s rights do not sell

In late 2013, the Thomson Reuters Foundation conducted its third annual poll on women’s rights in Arab states. 336 specialists designed the poll to assess the extent to which states adhere to key provisions of the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which most Arab League states have signed, ratified or …

Rana Allam

Review: columnists discuss strikes and challenges of constitution

The increasing trend of protests and sit-ins affecting Egypt’s governorates are analysed by some columnists, while others keep their attention focused on the challenges facing the draft constitution.   Fahmy Howeidi We brought down the walls, but didn’t build bridges Al-Shorouk newspaper There were around 1400 strikes and demonstrations across Egypt in a span of …

Daily News Egypt

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