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Rome: open museum city

Rome has a special place in the heart and the memory of Egyptians as many famous films were shot in the amazing city, featuring a lot of its touristic attractions.

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Graffiti vandals damage Rome frieze

A giant frieze depicting the history of Rome on the walls lining the River Tiber has been damaged by graffiti writers, to the dismay of its creator, William Kentridge.The South African artist said he was at a loss to understand why Rome authorities had not removed graffiti as soon it appeared along the bottom of …

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Rome plagued by starlings

When in Rome, do as the Romans do – these days, that means hide under an umbrella. Millions of starlings have converged on the Italian capital, and their droppings are not only a nuisance, they’re a health hazard.

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High hopes for Libya talks in Rome

Delegates from Libya, the UN, and other global powers have gathered in Italy to broker a deal for a unity government. Rival factions have already tentatively agreed to a truce in order to fight ‘IS’ terrorists. Delegates from Libya’s rival factions met in Rome on Sunday in a fresh diplomatic push to end years of …

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Rome banishes centurions, rickshaws over tourist scams

Fake gladiators with plastic helmets, swords and shields – long a tacky feature of the tourist experience in Rome – are now banned in the city, part of a public decorum drive by the local city officials. After two millennia, the last Centurions have finally been banished from Rome. As of Thursday (27.11.2015), men who …

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