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Opinion: Russia’s parallel universe

Russia’s response to the recent doping allegations shows that the country is living in a parallel universe. This increasingly resembles the old Soviet Union and forces Russians into isolation, writes Juri Rescheto.

Deutsche Welle

Polish apples feel the crunch

Not long ago, Poland was the largest apple exporter in Europe. But since the 2014 retaliatory embargo imposed on some Polish foodstuffs by Russia, exports have plummeted, as Jo Harper reports from Warsaw.

Deutsche Welle

Cairo: mission impossible?

Opinion writers, more so than their hard news brethren, have a running conversation with the reader. Ideally, that monologue is, paradoxically, a dialogue in the writer’s mind, with the goal being to clarify a muddy picture for the reader. Objectivity, is not a goal per se for anyone. So you look, you feel, you analyse, …

Amr Khalifa

Too critical for the Kremlin?

Following the dismissal of RBC chief editors, Russia’s critical media threatens to grow even smaller. The media group had a high profile, not least due to its research on the Panama Papers.

Deutsche Welle