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Russia is officially in the region: A new order has just begun

Since the outbreak of the Syrian uprising, Russia has limited itself to its traditional role of providing arms, military, and logistical experts to its Arab allies. As Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime weakened, the Russians intensified their military support dramatically. Recently, the Russian “Caesar” opted to expand his role in Syria to include direct intervention …

Fadi Elhusseini

EU, Russia, Ukraine trade talks fail

Negotiations between the European Union, Russia and Ukraine aimed at resolving disagreements over a free trade deal between Brussels and Kiev have failed, adding to the already deep divisions between the three sides.

Deutsche Welle

The strategic plane: Russia in the Mideast energy cauldron

A journalist friend had told me a while ago, without naming who or when, that Russia was ready for a major strategic entrance into the region through its air campaign in Syria, compensating for all those years of being muscled out of the region with the end of the Cold War and the fall of …

Emad El-Din Aysha

Putin claims support to Syrian rebels

Syrian rebels are being provided with military support and air cover against Islamist militants, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. If confirmed would be a shift in Moscow’s Syria policy

Deutsche Welle

The ‘New World Order’ and the current super-power states

By Sayed Ghoneim The 20th century began with powers scattered between East and West. By the end of World War II and the victory of Western allies and the Soviet Union over the Axis forces, the world became bipolar, divided between the United States and the Soviet Union. Between the two forces, the so-called Cold War …

Daily News Egypt