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Russia World Cup is safe and secure, promises FIFA security chief

Football fans can travel to the World Cup in Russia without fear of hooliganism or terrorism, according to FIFA head of security Helmut Spahn. He insists the country is “very, very well” prepared.The port of Kaliningrad has long been the home of Russia’s Baltic Fleet, but not even Peter The Great could have imagined the …

Deutsche Welle

Ramadan in Russia

Ramadan has special elements that distinguish it from the rest of the months in Russia, like many enjoyable traditions that begin once the start of the holy month is announced. Some of these traditions include lighting roads and streets with special lights. Fasting hours in Russia sometimes reach 22 hours, which makes them among the …

Daily News Egypt

Russia lifts ban on Egyptian potato exports

Tarek Kabil, minister of trade and industry, announced in a press statement on Saturday that Russian authorities have agreed to lift the imposed ban on Egyptian potato exports from eight agricultural areas. He added that exporting from those areas will begin starting from 6 June. The minister added that the decision is the culmination of …

Nihal Samir

Opinion: Russia hasn't learned a thing

Russia has denied investigative journalist Hajo Seppelt a visa to enter the country for the upcoming World Cup. Moscow is still refusing to come clean about its state-sponsored doping system, writes Tobias Oelmaier.Sometimes, the truth can be hard to take, especially when it comes after something has been exposed as a falsehood – or when …

Deutsche Welle

World reacts to Syrian air strikes

Following the Saturday airstrikes that targeted military and research facilities believed to be used by the Syrian regime to stage chemical attacks on civilians, divided opinions dominated the political sphere all over the world. The airstrikes, which were launched by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, targeted military headquarters of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime …

Daily News Egypt

Russia World Cup preparations in full gear

Russia is gearing up in full throttle to for the World Cup finals between 14 June and 15 July across 11 cities. With only 70 days left before the start of the international tournament, which sees the return of the Egyptian national team to the competition for the first time in 28 years. Daily News …

Daily News Egypt

35% increase in Egypt’s exports to Russia during 2017

Tarek Kabil, minister of trade and industry, announced that Egyptian commodity exports to the Russian market increased by 35% last year, reaching a value of about $504.6m compared to $374.1m in 2016. He highlighted the great diversity of Egyptian export items to the Russian market, explaining that this diversity contributed to the enhancement of Egyptian …

Daily News Egypt

Your guide to Russia 

For football fans wanting to travel to support Egypt in the World Cup, transportation there is free and the price for a night’s stay is only around $25. The draw for the 2018 World Cup, held at the Kremlin Palace in Russia, put the Egyptian team in Group A alongside the Russian, Uruguayan, and Saudi …

Daily News Egypt

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attend a press conference in Jerusalem (Source: Pool/Getty Images Europe)

An oft-neglected Russian connection

One of the least-talked about questions is the coordination and cooperation between Israel and Russia in dealing with regional developments in the Middle East and how far this cooperation has gone in defending Israel’s security interests, particularly, against an expansionist Iran. With the Syrian government winning the war against terrorism and the armed groups which …

Hussein Haridi