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Latest in Tag: rwanda

Communications minister reviews Egypt’s vision for digital transformation in Rwanda

Minister of Communications Yasser El-Kady has reviewed Egypt’s vision to transform towards a unified digital market for Africa through adopting several policies of developing and securing communications infrastructure as well as providing trained human resources, developing frameworks, and preparing an environment that supports investment. This came during the minister’s participation, on behalf of President Abdel …

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Mobile power to bring Rwanda’s remote regions into the future

In Rwanda, 60 percent of the population have a mobile phone – but only 15 percent have electricity. Mobile kiosks now offer not only solar power but also internet access, even in the most remote corners of the country.Project goal: Bringing electricity and internet access to remote areas without infrastructure; creating jobs for Solar Kiosk …

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Nile Cooperation akin to teamwork in sports

For any football team, you have the goal keeper, defenders, midfielders, strikers, and the coach. These entities blend together so as to secure victory for their team. Separately, they would achieve nothing, for it is through team work (cooperation) that the eleven players can face their opponents (challenges) and win. The players are organised into …

John Rao Nyaoro

Rwanda: Media designers learning “German style”

A new media design program in Rwanda turns its students into media all-rounders. The vocational training includes internships in Germany and gives trainees the skills to shape the future of Rwanda’s media industry. It’s Monday evening and this particular post-production studio in Berlin is packed. Two interns from Rwanda huddle around the sound engineer, looking …

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Rwanda MPs debate constitutional change on presidential term limits

Rwanda’s lower house of parliament debated on Wednesday a constitutional change that would allow President Paul Kagame to run for a third term, a move opposed by the United States and other donors. The amended constitution will still be a draft that faces a referendum, but it is expected to pass. Parliament met after a …

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Equality for women and girls is progress for all: Lydia’s story

By Sabine Pallas Each year on 8 March, the International Land Coalition (ILC) celebrates International Women’s Day. The theme for 2014 is ‘Equality for women is progress for all’. The story of one young woman I met in Rwanda recently during a learning route organised by ILC and the NGO Procasur illustrates this theme perfectly. …

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