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The others

Two events have prompted this week’s column: the unprecedented attack on St. Mark’s Cathedral last week, and my recently watching  the Jews of Egypt documentary. Both got me thinking about the concept of “the other”. A predefined group of people which another group or culture or society will use to distance itself from. “The other” …

Daily News Egypt

A polarised media: Religious satellite TV channels

In a deeply polarised media climate, Egyptians must choose between secular or religious satellite TV channels. Religious channels are a widely used source of information for social and personal issues, but have also been accused of broadcasting political agendas, inciting sectarianism, and spreading hate speech. The Daily News Egypt explores the topic of religious TV channels, and speaks to people on both sides of the debate.

Sarah El Masry

Al-Azhar of post-revolutionary Egypt

Al-Azhar recently issued a document renouncing violence as an attempt to pacify angry protestors and unify opposition forces under its umbrella. In light of this document, the newly passed constitution, the amendments of Al-Azhar’s regulatory law and the appointment of a new Grand Mufti, the Daily News Egypt investigates the features of Al-Azhar’s role in the politics and public life of post-revolutionary Egypt.

Sarah El Masry

Editor’s letter: Chapeau to Al Nour Party

In Egypt’s post-Mubarak first parliament, which lasted for a few months in 2012, it was the first time for the Salafi Islamists (primarily Al Nour Party) to have such political representation. It was very messy though, as many Egyptians found it entertaining and liked to call it the “circus”. The parliament channel Soot Al Shaab …

Maher Hamoud

Double or quits

By Philip Whitfield You get the best odds when the runners and riders are still in the paddock. So it’s not surprising to get 1,000:1 gambling ante-post on a race without a finish: the 2013 Egyptian General Election. I’ve bet a steak dinner the result won’t be declared this side of Ramadan. I’ve even chosen …

Daily News Egypt