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Saudi Arabia and Russia: Settling old scores in Syria

By Madawi Al-Rasheed LONDON: Defeating Russia in the Arab world was a priority for Saudi Arabia even before it became a fully-fledged commitment in Afghanistan in the 1980s. The current Syrian crisis is perhaps one last opportunity to undermine Russia’s eroded sphere of influence in the region. The Saudis may think that defeating Russia this time …


China sending envoy on Syria to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France

By AFP BEIJING: China said Friday it is sending an envoy to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and France to explain its position on Syria, after Beijing called for an end to the year-long conflict in the Middle East country. China unveiled a six-point peace plan last Sunday, calling for an immediate end to the bloody violence …


Saudi says to honor $3.7 bln aid pledge to Egypt

By AFP RIYADH: Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday that it would honor a pledge of $3.75 billion in aid to Egypt, after complaints by the Egyptian premier that donor countries were failing to respect their commitments. “The kingdom pledged to support Egypt in meeting the challenges facing its economy through a series of financial commitments …


Innovation needed for Saudi women to join the work force

By Lulua Asaad VIENNA: Why do men in Saudi Arabia educate their female children if women aren’t able to work later? This is the question Khalid Al-Khudair, founder of the employment platform Glowork, asked. The question actually arose when his sister Aia, who graduated with a degree in psychology from a Canadian university, returned to Saudi …


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