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Saudi women finally drive after decades-old ban officially ends

Saudi females were allowed to drive starting from Sunday for the first time in their country’s history, after a ban on women driving imposed long ago was finally lifted. The historic event, announced in September, is part of far-reaching reforms decided by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman to modernise the conservative kingdom. Saudi Arabia was …

Sarah El-Sheikh

Saudi women’s right to drive comes amid women status reforms

A royal decree issued on Tuesday promising to give women their right to drive came amid a series of gradual steps undertaken by Saudi Arabia in the recent phase, as the historic decision comes a couple of days after opening sports stadium to women for the first time, taking part in the kingdom’s national day …

Daily News Egypt

Innovation needed for Saudi women to join the work force

By Lulua Asaad VIENNA: Why do men in Saudi Arabia educate their female children if women aren’t able to work later? This is the question Khalid Al-Khudair, founder of the employment platform Glowork, asked. The question actually arose when his sister Aia, who graduated with a degree in psychology from a Canadian university, returned to Saudi …


Saudi women defy drive ban

RIYADH: A number of Saudi women drove cars on Friday in response to calls for nationwide action to break a traditional ban, unique to the ultra-conservative kingdom, according to reports on social networks. The call to defy the ban that spread through Facebook and Twitter is the largest en masse action since November 1990, when …


Saudi female driver released into father’s custody

JEDDAH: Saudi authorities released late on Monday a female activist who was held for 10 days after challenging the country’s ban on women driving and encouraging others to follow suit, a lawyer and activists said. Police arrested Manal Alsharif at her home on May 15 and detained her in Dammam prison, facing charges of "besmirching …


Jailed Saudi female driver appeals to king: lawyer

JEDDAH: A young Saudi woman detained for more than a week for breaking the ultra-conservative kingdom’s ban on women driving has appealed to King Abdullah for her release, her lawyer said Sunday. "Manal Al-Sharif hopes that the king will order her release and close her file," her lawyer Adnan Al-Saleh said. "Her morale is very …


Saudi woman arrested for challenging driving ban

JEDDAH: Saudi authorities arrested a female activist on Sunday who launched a campaign to challenge a ban on women driving in the conservative kingdom and posted a video on the Internet of her driving, activists said. The YouTube video, posted on Thursday, has attracted more than 500,000 views and shows Manal Alsharif, who learned to …


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