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Latest in Tag: Saudi

Royals and Rebels: Contextualising Saudi Aggression

What do we make of the historical irony that undergirds the state-building project of the Saudi state, imbricated as it is in the antinomies of the modern nation, a medieval political theology, and a surfeit of petrodollars? It is through painting an image of the Saudi state, its past, as much as its most recent …

Omar Ghannam

Soccer highlights domestic drivers in Saudi-Iranian dispute

Saudi Arabia and Iran, highlighting the domestic drivers of mounting tension that threaten to deepen and complicate the sectarian and the multiple other regional conflicts, have taken their fierce tit-for-tat battle from the realm of traditional diplomacy to the world of public spectacle. The past few days have seen a dizzying sequence of events that …

James Dorsey

Rebels kill top Saudi commander ahead of Yemen ceasefire

Ahead of UN-brokered peace talks, Houthi rebels have killed a senior commander of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. A ceasefire is due to take effect to allow humanitarian groups to deliver much-needed aid. The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen announced on Monday that a senior Saudi military commander and an Emirati officer were killed fighting Houthi …

Deutsche Welle

Saudi King in Washington amid concerns over Iran

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman is making his first visit to the White House since ascending the throne. He has said that his country is willing to cooperate with the US to achieve stability in the Middle East. The Obama administration greeted King Salman of Saudi Arabia on Friday with assurances that the Iran nuclear deal …

Deutsche Welle

Saudi Arabia and Iran: Volatile political geography of oil and minorities

The fact that dissatisfied minorities populate the oil-rich regions of Iran and Saudi Arabia creates an ironic parallel, in which in the rivalry between two of the Middle East’s larger powers often amounts to the pot calling the kettle black. Rather than recognising that protests and mounting incidents of violence are the result of government failure to address legitimate grievances, both Iran and Saudi Arabia have blamed each other for the unrest in their strategic backyards

James Dorsey