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Seaduction: the irresistible temptation of signature dining by the sea

When I first noticed it, I thought the name was genius. Seaduction owes its name to the temptation of the sea, yet the taste is nothing but original. Boasting a signature ingredient and unique touch to each dish, the Dahab-based restaurant/café provides the most distinguished and classy-yet-simple fine dining experience, the best—and arguably the only—such …

Yosra El-Zoghby

Can coastal cities innovate their way out of sea level rise?

The Dutch are attempting to “climate-proof” their port city of Rotterdam by changing its relationship with water. Other delta cities around the world will also need to innovate if they are to survive sea level rise.For centuries, the Dutch have fought against the sea – and won. True to its name, the Netherlands is located …

Deutsche Welle

Terror at sea: Doomyat

By Amr Khalifa The Mediterranean turned red last Wednesday. What we know is far less than we should: eight Egyptian sailors are missing, five are injured, reported the Egyptian army, in a battle with ‘terrorists’ off the coast of Mediterranean city Domyat [Damietta], best known for its furniture. With each passing day, professional analysts and …

Daily News Egypt

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