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Prosecutor charges 20 in April sectarian incident

By Reuters CAIRO: Egypt’s public prosecutor on Monday ordered 20 suspects to be tried for murder and sedition over the death of two people in April, signaling a tougher stance on sectarian tensions. The prosecutor said 18 of the suspects in the incident in the village of Abu Qurqas in southern Egypt, where a road …


Two Copts sentenced for violence in Ain Shams church scuffle

By AFP CAIRO: An Egyptian military court on Sunday sentenced two Coptic Christians to five years in jail for violence and trying to turn a factory into an unlicensed church, judicial sources said. The two men, also convicted of possessing weapons, were arrested on May 18 after clashes between Christians and Muslims in Cairo’s Ain …


Two dead, eight injured in Minya sectarian clashes

CAIRO: Two Muslims were killed and eight injured in what started out as an altercation over a speed bump, and turned into a sectarian conflict on Tuesday in Abo Korkas city, Minya. As clashes escalated between a Muslim family and a Coptic one, the armed forces imposed a curfew in the city, from 11 pm …


Army steps in to end sectarian clashes in Saft El-Laban

By Essam Fadl CAIRO: Army and police forces intervened late on Sunday to end sectarian clashes between Muslims and Copts in Saft El-Laban, Giza, arresting 10 people from both sides after a rumor that Copts were attacking Bilal Mosque, the village’s biggest. Eyewitnesses told Daily News Egypt that unknown assailants attacked homes owned by Copts on …


Copts in talks with army as thousands join Maspero protest

By AFP CAIRO: Military authorities running Egypt and representatives of Christian Copts demonstrating in central Cairo held talks on Thursday amid concerns over growing insecurity after deadly religious clashes. “A dialogue has started between a group of young Copts and priests with the leaders of the army, over demonstrators’ claims in order to put an …


Christian-Muslim clashes in Egypt kill 11

By Hamza Hendawi /AP CAIRO: Muslim-Christian clashes in the Egyptian capital Cairo have killed 11 people and wounded more than 90, security and hospital officials said on Wednesday. The clashes broke out Tuesday night when a Muslim mob attacked thousands of Christians protesting against the burning of a Helwan church last week. The officials said Wednesday …


‘Two dead, church torched’ in Egypt sectarian clash

By AFP and Daily News Egypt’s Essam Fadl CAIRO: Over 1,000 Copts and Muslims protested for the second day in front the television building against the burning of a church in Helwan, calling on the armed forces to intervene to protect Copts, rebuild the church and prosecute the perpetrators. Two men were killed during clashes …


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