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Farag Fouda; assassination of the word

Twenty one years ago Egyptian thinker and philosopher, Farag Fouda was assassinated in front of his NGO, the Egyptian Society for Enlightenment at the hands of a radical Islamist group, Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya. He was shot with a machine gun in front of his son. He was shot because he was deemed an “infidel” by the …

Sara Abou Bakr

A polarised media: Religious satellite TV channels

In a deeply polarised media climate, Egyptians must choose between secular or religious satellite TV channels. Religious channels are a widely used source of information for social and personal issues, but have also been accused of broadcasting political agendas, inciting sectarianism, and spreading hate speech. The Daily News Egypt explores the topic of religious TV channels, and speaks to people on both sides of the debate.

Sarah El Masry


You need utopian idealists and pragmatic realists if we hope to make something of this mess we call a country

Mahmoud Salem

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