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Choking up

By Philip Whitfield Notice the traffic? Given up going out? Carrying a doggy bag on the shopping run? Good news. Nobody will be able to afford to drive soon. Everyone’s money will be spent paying the gas bill and keeping cool in ice baths. Who dares flick on the air-con? Bit chilly? Snuggle up in …

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Tourism in the news: Tourism pays the price for violence

Egypt’s economy relies heavily on its tourism sector that has been struggling to survive since the uprising of 25 January and subsequent events in the country. Once a month DNE rounds up the most significant news relating to tourism to give you an overview of the efforts that are being made to bring tourists back to the country.

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In Pictures: Violence around Semiramis Hotel

Parts of the main entrance of Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel were destroyed following violent clashes that took place around the hotel since Friday. Security forces arrested 28 people accused of carrying out an attack on Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel early morning Tuesday. The hotel announced Tuesday afternoon that it was temporarily closing for security reasons. “We hope …

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