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Domestic pigs help protect Serbia’s forests

While in many countries, pigs are brought up in confined spaces, Serbia has a long tradition of rearing the animals in the forest. Efforts are underway to ensure this ecologically friendly tradition doesn’t die out.Project aim: The use of traditional agricultural practices to prevent biodiversity loss and improve water management Project size: 17,000 hectares of …

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Serbia’s future is euroskeptic

A slight majority of young Serbs thinks their country should not join to the EU – a new development that is difficult to explain. But, disappointment and growing nationalism seem to play a role in the anti-EU posture.

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Hungary’s flawed fence offers refugees hope

As Hungary continues work on a border fence, its neighbor Serbia is struggling to cope with an influx of refugees. Can a 21-million-euro fence stop these desperate people? Lidija Tomic visited the border to find out. Amid dense shrubs and bushes, the first 150-meter “sample section” of the planned 175-kilometer-long fence has been built on …

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