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Latest in Tag: sexual harassment

NCWR reports lawyer for saying sexual harassment, rape is “national duty”

The National Council for Women Rights (NCWR) will file a report to the prosecutor-general regarding public statements inciting to sexually harassing and raping women. Well-known conservative and controversial lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh said on TV that sexual harassment and rape would be “a national duty” to fulfil against girls who “do not have self-respect” or “wear …

Amira El-Fekki

Cairo university professor investigated over sexual harassment allegations

Amid much controversy this past week, a Cairo University media professor was referred to investigations over sexual harassment allegations, newly appointed university president Mohamed Al-Khasht said in an interview with DMC channel on Saturday. A voice recording circulating on social media networks triggered the case. In the published recording, a man is dictating a woman …

Daily News Egypt

Hemaya: campaign raises children’s awareness about sexual harassment 

Over the past years, dozens of campaigns were launched for fighting sexual harassment and raising women’s awareness of how to protect themselves and preserve their rights against the harassers. Although child sexual harassment has always been a similar controversial issue, hundreds of parents preferred to remain silent about it, considering it a shame or a …

Rana Khaled