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Will Morsi Face Mubarak’s Fate?

By Sherif Elhelwa As Egyptians celebrated the second anniversary of former president Hosni Mubarak’s ousting, protests organised by opposition groups continued against the rule of Mubarak’s successor President Mohamed Morsi, who some believe will meet Mubarak’s fate. Others believe he remains firmly in control. Although promoted as “peaceful”, marches toward government institutions and the presidential …

Daily News Egypt

In the lap of the gods

By Philip Whitfield The hounds have the fox in their sights. Unleashed, the dogged gird for affray.  Morsy is forced to flee his palatial, besieged lair. Across town the Muslim Brotherhood HQ is embattled. The overseer of the referendum calls it quits. Shakespeare: We would not seek a battle, as we are, yet as we …

Daily News Egypt

Down with Shari’a in the constitution

With every semblance of what is commonly referred to as “the civil forces” (the church representatives, the secular parties and members) withdrawn from it, the Egyptian Constituent Assembly’s fate seems more precarious than ever. While many speculate about its fate and the fate of the constitution it is supposed to present to the public soon, …

Mahmoud Salem

Not a question of morality

Ever since the ousting of Mubarak and the rise of the Islamic elite represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and other groups, the question of morality has always been on the table. The Islamists, like any other political force that identifies itself with religion, believe that the root of all ills of society is …

Ziad A. Akl

Review: Shari’a Friday and draft constitution consume columns

The debate over Shari’a Friday protests has led many writers to deplore the extent of Islamic jurisprudence’s presence in the draft constitution. More than one writer has pointed fingers at the Muslim Brotherhood, accusing them of delaying the constitution writing as they are still unprepared for parliamentary elections. Other columnists have dedicated their pieces to …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Columnists tackle retail curfew and Shari’a

The government’s U-turn on the proposed retail closing time law has attracted the attention of many Egyptian columnists, with many describing the cabinet’s approach as an imitation the Mubarak era methodology, while ignoring the shop owners’ concerns in the matter. In the Arab region, other writers deplored a number of pressing issues, with a focus …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Draft constitution overwhelms Egyptian columnists

The issue of the Constituent Assembly and its two versions of the draft constitution occupy many Egyptian columnists. Several writers scrutinise the drafts of the most important document, and others list a number of suggestions to make the document ready for public referendum.   The third party of the Constituent Assembly Diaa Rashwan Al-Masry Al-Youm …

Daily News Egypt

Criminal networks traffic people to Egyptian households who demand their labour AFP Photo

Trafficking in lies

Salafi MPs have excluded an article from the draft constitution by claiming human trafficking does not exist, the evidence suggests otherwise

Daily News Egypt

The good Muslim

Religion has become the newest weapon of choice turning religious practice from a private habit into to a show of power.

Sara Abou Bakr

Jordan’s women celebrate success

Eman Hylooz is a Jordanian Computer Science graduate and a successful young entrepreneur. The company she started in June 2012 is steadily growing and is expected to make a net profit of 114,108 Jordanian Dinars in its first year of operations. Hylooz recalls that the idea for her business start-up first came about when she …

Shahira Amin