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Reading a possible Egypt-Iran strategic alliance

By Ceylan Ozbudak In August 2012, when President Mohamed Morsi became the first Egyptian leader to visit Iran since the 1980s, he was careful not to schedule meetings with the Iranian leadership, much less to endorse any renewal of diplomatic relations between Egypt and Iran. Since then, a return to the level of cooperation pe r …

Daily News Egypt

Are we in a “…….” or just smelling the roses?

This question is often repeated during times of crisis. When a nation finds itself consumed by war or strife, inevitably some will decide to remove themselves from the equation and occupy their time with trivial matters. A number of my friends have asked me this question since I published last week’s article where I attempted …

Farid Zahran

Egypt and Iran—odd bedfellows?

By Nervana Mahmoud The extraordinary and well-organised funeral procession of the deposed Iranian Shah in 1980 marked the first state funeral to be held in Old Cairo in modern Egypt’s history. The Egyptian president Anwar Sadat had done his best to give the Shah a dignified burial. Sadat had chosen the beautiful Rifa’i Mosque, where …

Daily News Egypt

Gulf states lash out at Iran, urge rapid Syria transition

By Assaad Abboud          Manama (AFP) – The six Gulf states sharpened their tone against their Shi’a neighbour Iran on Tuesday, demanding an immediate halt to its “interference” in their internal affairs while urging a rapid political transition in its ally Syria. Concluding a two-day summit in Manama, the Gulf Cooperation Council …

Liliana Mihaila

Have faith, son!

After reading my latest column, my 12 year old son emerged from his room with a frustrated look in his eyes, asking “is there nothing good about Egypt that you can write about?” The question was like a slap in the face. I suddenly realised that I have been consumed by my anger at the …

Rana Allam