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Shell Lubricants Egypt to open branded shops across Egypt in 2017

Shell Lubricants Egypt is planning to establish branded shops, which provide Shell’s products and other cars services, in a step towards expanding in the Egyptian market. Haytham Yehia, marketing director at Shell, told Daily News Egypt that the step reflects the potential of the Egyptian market, adding that the company believes in the Egyptian market despite …

Hisham Salah


In Pictures: Zamalek residents protest island’s deteriorating conditions

On Saturday, Zamalek residents took to the streets protesting the declining status of their island Carrying placards that read “Enough with cafes in Zamalek”, “Protect the remaining greenery” and “Against abuse of public property”, tens of the residents demonstrated by the Cultural Wheel in hopes of getting their voices heard. One of the most pressing …

Sara Abou Bakr

Review: Columnists tackle retail curfew and Shari’a

The government’s U-turn on the proposed retail closing time law has attracted the attention of many Egyptian columnists, with many describing the cabinet’s approach as an imitation the Mubarak era methodology, while ignoring the shop owners’ concerns in the matter. In the Arab region, other writers deplored a number of pressing issues, with a focus …

Daily News Egypt

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