Latest in Tag: Shoura Council Highlight

Latest in Tag: Shoura Council

FJP’s Fahmy elected to head Upper House

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: The Islamist-dominated Shoura Council chose its presidents and two deputies Tuesday in a procedural vote after none of the members challenged the single candidate for each position. Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) MP Ahmed Fahmy was elected president of the council in its first session. In his speech he promised to prioritize …


Experts debate future of Shoura Council

By Heather Moore CAIRO: With its first session scheduled for Tuesday, experts are divided over the future of the Shoura Council, with some expecting it to have more power and others seeing it being abolished completely. The power of the Shoura Council is currently the same as it was under the former regime. The new constitution …


Islamists dominate upper house after vote

By AFP CAIRO: Islamists seized most seats in the two-stage vote for Egypt’s upper house of parliament, the Shura Council, the electoral commission said on Saturday. The results cap landmark legislative elections that saw Islamists propelled to the center stage of Egyptian politics. A commission official said the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) …


Shoura Council speaker behind ‘battle of the camel’: probe

By AFP CAIRO: Egypt’s upper house speaker under ousted president Hosni Mubarak was the mastermind behind organized attacks by loyalists riding camels on anti-regime protesters, investigators said on Thursday. A fact-finding committee looking into the uprising’s most bizarre scene when Mubarak loyalists charged protesters on horses and camels, said Safwat El-Sherif had orchestrated the plan, …


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