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72-hour deadline passes for hostages in Sinai

As the 72-hour deadline for the American and Egyptian hostages passes, the abductor threatens to harm them if his uncle is not released from prison. Police said authorities were engaged in ending the standoff.

Hend Kortam

Sinai spring? Not really

By Normand St. Pierre The Sinai Peninsula is beautiful, blessed by wonderful beaches, high-reaching mountains, a desert that changes color with the moving sun, and natural resources aplenty. It is also a land on which warriors have moved back and forth, leaving behind all manner of munitions and mines. Enjoying the beauty and enduring the conflicts …


Czech tour guide released after two-hour abduction

By Yehia Zakareya SOUTH SINAI: Police, army forces and Bedouin tribal leaders secured the release, of a Czech tour guide two hours after her abduction by four masked men in South Sinai, a security official said. Head of the Criminal Investigation Department General Gamal Abdel Bary said the men wanted to pressure security forces to release …


Sinai Bedouin lift siege on peacekeeper camp

By Reuters CAIRO: Dozens of Bedouin who had encircled a camp belonging to a multinational peacekeeping force in the Sinai Peninsula lifted their siege on Friday following negotiations with the Egyptian army, security and Bedouin sources said. The armed Bedouin had surrounded the camp belonging to the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) mission for eight days …


Armed Bedouins enter Sinai peace force camp

By Agencies CAIRO: Armed Bedouins have entered a military base used by international peacekeepers in Egypt’s Sinai region to pressure local authorities to release fellow tribesmen from jail, security and tribal sources said on Thursday. Sinai Bedouin complain of unfair treatment and government neglect and press their demands by blocking roads and occasionally taking tourists hostage, …


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