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Setting the records straight

The year 2013 has not been kind to Egyptians or history books. Twisting facts has become the mantra highlighting this year in Egypt. Between the voices of Hosni Mubarak supporters getting louder and pro-Morsi team chanting “legitimacy”, accusations of 30 June protesters of being “army lovers” while others prodding Al-Sisi to run for presidency, the …

Sara Abou Bakr

Egyptian opinion on sit-in dispersals: Finding truth in reported facts

A recent poll suggests that 67% of Egyptians are “satisfied with the manner” in which security forces dispersed the sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda Square. Meanwhile a different poll suggests that 79% of Egyptians believe the “massacres” on 14 August were “crimes against humanity”. These two polls seem to be presenting contradictory facts about …

Iris Boutros

BLOG CORNER: The violent birth of a sit-in

Charlie Miller and I were on our way to catch the tail end of the clearing of Nahda Square when we heard reports of clashes in Mohandeseen. We adjusted our course and sped off down Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street only to see a cloud of black smoke at the intersection ahead. Our driver decided …

Joel Gulhane