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Latest in Tag: Siwa

A visit to Siwa, the land of peace 

560 kilos far away from he hectic, overcrowded grey city of Cairo, the heaven of peace, calmness, clear air exists.  Few hours ride separates people from Cairo, the city of the pollution, noise and stress and replace them with greenery sceneries, fresh air and isolation in Siwa. Siwa Oasis in Egypt’s western desert is located …

Daily News Egypt

Siwan treasures on display Abdel-Rahman Sherief

Siwa Boutique

Siwa store in Zamalek features many different types of handmade garments and accessories made by inhabitants of Siwa

Abdel-Rahman Sherief

Cross Egypt Challenge 2012 is gearing up

Yes, we are facing big challenges but for the most part Egypt is a safe place to be. I wanted to show the world that it is possible to travel across the country on a scooter and arrive safely.

Adel Heine

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