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The new preachers and the statues of social justice in Egypt

Aridity: It is not so odd that the new preachers are dressed in the robes of hermits. What feels oddest is the state of caste they embody. Finding their origins in a wealthier class has inevitably and unwillingly presented them as preachers to that very social class, which is not degrading, as the existence of …

Islam M. Elwany

Op-ed Review: Adly Mansour and social justice

The interim president’s future Abdallah Al-Sinawy Al-Shorouk Newspaper Al-Sinawy begins his article by explaining that Adly Mansour did not expect his current position as interim president. “He had not even officially accepted his position as head of the constitutional court when he was assigned [to be] the new president for Egypt, according to the 3 …

Daily News Egypt

Opportunity as social justice

Interim president Adly Mansour gave an excellent interview on state TV Saturday. He was very frank and clear about major challenges Egypt faces. A high priority for him is the implementation of the law on minimum and maximum wages. Setting a minimum wage is the government trying to guarantee “bread”. This is the minimum level …

Iris Boutros