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The rise of political bots on social media

Automated social media accounts – bots – have become part of our political communication. Bot armies can influence online discourse and pick fights with users. But are all bots bad? Thomas Baerthlein reports from London.

Deutsche Welle

Erdogan and social media: use and abuse

After using social media to publicly quash the coup, Turkey’s government is cracking down on news sites and purging state institutions again. Here is how censorship works in the country – and how Turks react to it.

Deutsche Welle

Leaked exams and the demolition of institutions

I’ll start in Algeria, where the scandal of a leaked baccalaureate exam in 2016 raised controversy, prompting Algerian authorities to conduct a full investigation into the case. The Algerian ministry of education launched an investigation into circulated reports that some parties had leaked the topics of the baccalaureate exam on social media. Algerian media recently …

Does the power of social media encourage herd mentality?

For the last two weeks, “Freska guy” – a university graduate who roams Cairo streets carrying a box full of the popular sweets called “Freska” – was the centre of attention of social media users. With his unique fashion sense that does not align with the traditional perception of street hawkers, Freska guy, Youssef Al-Sayed …

Nada Deyaa’