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Confess your sins

Continuous connectability is the norm, caution is flung to the wind, reticence is retro and you are what you say you are.

Adel Heine

Have a break and laugh

Comedy Break Show oncouraging funny talents to post a three minute video of their best work on their website and offering great prizes to the winners

Adel Heine

The Social Media Illusion

The demonstrations of August 24 did not turn out to be politically significant, especially after major political forces decided to abandon them. The demonstrations were controlled by individuals who possess no experience in mobilizing for collective action and lack credibility within Egyptian political life. However, these demonstrations brought to the scene two valuable lessons, first, …

Ziad A. Akl

Facebook at half-price: which way now?

Washington (AFP) — If you bought Facebook shares in the May IPO and held onto them, by Monday morning you would have lost more than half your investment, and not see any encouraging signs of making your money back. Three months after the largest tech share issue ever on US markets, Facebook fell to a …

Daily News Egypt

New languages democratizing social media in the Middle East

By Nada Akl BEIRUT: On March 6 micro-blogging service Twitter announced the launch of its Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu versions. It all started with the grassroots #LetsTweetInArabic campaign by a handful of users who wanted Twitter to be available in more languages. While many communities are still disadvantaged when it comes to digital resources, translation …


Social media show limits as Egypt elections loom

By Yasmine Saleh / Reuters CAIRO: Egyptians who turned to Facebook and Twitter to galvanize their revolt against Hosni Mubarak are starting to wonder whether faith in social media as the key to Egypt’s democratic future might be a little overdone. As candidates jostle in the run-up to elections to replace military rule with a civilian …


Arab, German bloggers explore role of social media

CAIRO: Arab and German bloggers gathered in Cairo for the Young Media Summit (YMS) last week to explore the role of social media in the Arab uprisings. The summit is the second in a row to promote dialogue between Arabs and Germans through blogging. "YMS kicked off in Cairo in 2010 but it came back …


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