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Latest in Tag: socialist

What are the chances of mergers and alliances inside the democratic movement?

In the previous two articles, we surveyed the map of parties and groups inside the Egyptian democratic movement. There were four major directions inside the movement, three of which were already established: liberals, national Nasserites, and leftists. The fourth group is newly-established: the social democrats. Beginning with the Nasserites: the National Conciliation Party and the …

Farid Zahran

Review: Columnists touch upon state media and political participation

Egyptian commentaries have explored an assortment of subjects. Many have continued to analyze the rising wave of political Islam, whereas others have addressed the challenges facing Egypt’s state media and the lack of interest in active political participation.   Wael Kandil The legend of the last Minister of Media Al-Shorouk newspaper The status of Egypt’s …

Daily News Egypt

Internal Memo 21581-2012

The army is one of the country’s largest and richest business empires and it is too integral to our economic interests to have it ran this way

Mahmoud Salem

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