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Residents of Sohag say their governorate is neglected

  SOHAG/CAIRO: Residents of Sohag complain that their governorate is abandoned, its resources wasted and the prominent role it played in history overlooked.   The governorate, from which King Menes who unified Upper and Lower Egypt into a single kingdom ruled Egypt, lies in the south of Egypt, divided by the River Nile and surrounded …


20 compete in Sohag run-offs

CAIRO: Twenty candidates are vying for 10 seats in the run-offs in Sohag on Wednesday and Thursday, in a showdown between Islamists and candidates associated with the now dismantled National Democratic Party. The second of three phases of the People’s Assembly elections began on Dec. 14-15. Only one candidate from Menufiya secured an absolute majority …


Young candidates struggle to establish themselves in Sohag

  SOHAG: Sohag’s youth are struggling to establish themselves in a political arena marked by tribalism as voters also opt for “more experienced” candidates to represent them in the upcoming parliament.   Young members of Sohag’s Youth Coalition and the April 6 Youth Movement have launched several campaigns to raise voters’ awareness and urge people …


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