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Latest in Tag: Somalia

AU in Somalia: underfunded and overwhelmed

AMISOM, the African Union mission in Somalia, claims to have successfully repulsed an attack by al-Shabab militants on one its military bases. Its ability to protect and support the Somali government is limited. The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is made up of 22,000 troops from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Burundi. Its origins can …

Deutsche Welle

 Is the US against children’s rights?

By Dr Cesar Chelala In the 26th year of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Somalia recently became the 195th state party to ratify the convention. As South Sudan is expected to ratify the Convention later his year, the US would be the only country in the world that hasn’t yet ratified the CRC. The Convention is an …

Daily News Egypt

Migrant boat sinks off Italy, several dead: Report

AFP – Several people were reported killed on Monday after a boat packed with around 400 migrants sank off the coast of southern Italy, Italian media reported, adding that around 200 of the passengers had already been rescued. ANSA news agency said the incident happened some 100 nautical miles (185 kilometres, 115 miles) from the …

Daily News Egypt

Hesham Hellyer

Egypt is not Somalia (it isn’t Switzerland, either)

The last two weeks were not a huge surprise. For some, it seems that the last couple of weeks were the result of a strategy by forces opposed to the presidency of Mohamed Morsi—that the violence was planned, arranged, and implemented. There is a corresponding logic to that line of thought—that had the violence not …

Dr H.A. Hellyer