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Spring snowstorm batters US Midwest with fatal results

Knee-high snow, powerful winds and hail the size of chicken eggs were just some of the violent weather that slammed into the central US. The storm also left baseball fans blue — and not just from the chilly temperatures.A powerful winter storm front sweeping across the American Midwest this weekend left large swaths of the …

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Czech town in the path of coal excavators

Considering the carbon emissions from coal, one might imagine expansion of opencast coal mining in Europe to be unthinkable. But this could happen in the Czech Republic, if limits from the early 1990s are lifted. "If you look at this opencast mine, there are two thoughts that spring to mind," says Greenpeace energy campaigner Jan Rovensky as he gazes out…

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Real fashion is a woman wearing an item of clothing that enhances her femininity: Jailan El-Hommosany

Make yourself a distinctive image in your own taste and don’t be dazzled by international models. Jailan is an Egyptian fashion designer who got her inspiration for her 2015 spring collection from nature. She believes that renewal and vitality and distance from classic clothing result in good looks and advises against being dazzled by international …

Al-Shaimaa Soliman

The Syrian tunnel and the spring

By Fadi Elhusseini When the first spontaneous explosions of the Arab democratic revolutions erupted in Tunisia in December 2010, many were hoping that this revolt might usher in a new beginning for the whole region. When Egypt joined Tunisia a few weeks later, hopes mounted and everyone started to think that the long-awaited moment had …

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