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Latest in Tag: state security

Salafi Front plans protest on anniversary of State Security’s fall

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: The Salafi Front is calling for a protest in front of the People’s Assembly (PA) Monday afternoon in commemoration of the anniversary of the fall of State Security. The protest will demand trying the individuals behind this apparatus, which served the interests of ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Last March, then Minister …


State Security files should be archived, says German expert

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: State security documents should be archived, said the man in charge of the secret police and surveillance files of East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. Herbert Ziehm, who heads the office of the Federal Commissioner for the State Security (Stasi) Archives of East Germany also warned that …


Disbanded security agency a potential threat

By Hamza Hendawi /AP CAIRO: The country’s dreaded State Security agency has been dissolved, but many doubt the power of the secret police has really been broken after decades of using torture, intimidation and spying to intervene in almost all aspects of life. Egyptians fear some of its 100,000 members are still working underground to derail …


47 police held for burning security files

By AFP CAIRO: Forty-seven police officers suspected of having destroyed documents in offices of Egypt’s state security services have been remanded in custody, a senior judiciary official said on Monday. The officers are suspected of burning documents and “sabotaging” computers in state security premises, said Adel Al-Said, the deputy prosecutor general. On Saturday state security …


Lazoghly protesters caught between army, angry residents

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: Military forces dispersed protests in front of the State Security building in Lazoghly, downtown Cairo on Sunday by firing in the air, as armed residents of the area lined up on the other side throwing stones at protesters. Protesters who gathered in Lazoghly were trying to break through barricades set up …


Leaked SS files swiftly make their way online

  CAIRO: Documents seized by protesters from State Security premises around Egypt over the weekend exposed classified information and a series of scandals about an array of sectors, politicians and media personalities and prominent members of society. Most of the documents that protesters managed to save before being destroyed by State Security were leaked online …


Protesters enter State Security headquarters

By Sarah Carr CAIRO: What started as a small demonstration of around 80 at 4 pm in front of Nasr City’s State Security headquarters on Saturday grew steadily as onlookers joined protesters, who were eventually able to make their way inside. By nighttime, hundreds of protesters — around 2,500 according to the state news agency …


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